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Try Anything Twice

A gay man's erotic friendship with a straight man

An uninhibited, seemingly straight young man, Ziggy, becomes sexually active with Josh, a shy, new-found gay friend.  Josh has a lot more to offer someone than he's ever been able to show.  Ziggy's generosity and genuine affection allow Josh to express feelings and desires he's never shared with anyone before.

The friendship begins one early morning in St. Louis when Ziggy rescues Josh from a couple of bad characters.  When daylight approaches, Zig offers Josh a place to crash--and more: Ziggy proposes they share his little studio apartment and split the rent.

Josh and Ziggy seem to hit it off well from the start, despite their contrasting personalities.  But can an honest and respectful friendship survive even one week of sharing such close quarters?  And then there's the road trip to Memphis . . .